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The reverse osmosis (RO) technology is an important part of membrane separation technology. The reverse osmosis is the reverse transfer motion of osmosis and a method for separating solute and solvent in solution under the action of selective interception of a semi-permeable membrane and under the driving of pressure. The reverse osmosis technology is widely applied to purification and concentration of various liquid, the most popular purpose is the water treatment process, in which purities of inorganic ions, bacteria, viruses, organic matters, colloid, etc. in raw water are removed by the reverse osmosis technology so as to obtain high-quality purified water. Because it has the advantages of high quality of generated water, low operational cost, no pollution, convenient operation, reliable operation, etc., the reverse osmosis technology has become the most energy-saving and simplest technology for desalinating salt water and sea water and preparing purified water. At present, the reverse osmosis technology has become the preferred water treatment technology in modern industry and is widely applied to various industries.



Compact structure, small floor area, low investment cost;

Physical process, no phase change, obvious energy conservation;

Easy operation, easy realization of automation, labor conservation;

Preparation of fresh water from river water, lake water, well water, sea water or alkaline water;

May also become a concentration method for recovering valuable compositions from solution;

Remove organic matters, bacteria, colloid and other purities soluble to water and obtain highly purified water.



Food Industry

Beverage Industry

Pharmaceutical Industry

Chemical Industry

Power Industry

Electronic Industry

Drinking Project

Petrochemical Industry

Desalination of Sea water and Alkaline Water









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